BBA Shipping and Transport Ltd — South and Central America

Please contact BBA Shipping & Transport directly for the most up-to-date details of import requirements applicable in South America. For other countries, please use the relevant item from the main menu, or refer to the Global Regions page. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Por favor, póngase en contacto con BBA shipping and transport directamente para recibir la información mas actualizada sobre los requisitos de importación aplicables en América del Sur.

South America — Brazil, Argentina & Uruguay

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Horses must enter an LVI approved isolation prior to export — at least 30 days. The following blood tests and swabs must be carried out prior to export:

  • Vaccinations — between 15 & 30 days prior to export EHV & FLU
  • Coggins — within 30 days of export
  • Piroplasmosis CFT — within 30 days of export
  • EVA — 2 tests 14 days apart
  • CEM — 3 sets of swabs taken on days 1, 3 & 7
  • WORM — within 30 days of export
  • SWITCH (ectoparasite treatment) — within 30 days of export

All tests must show a negative result; if all horses are passed as fit to travel by the vet a health certificate will be signed off and completed so that the horses can be exported.

All blood testing and swabbing prior to shipment will be co-ordinated by BBA Shipping, as will all export paperwork. Any further details can be obtained from our office. Our specialist advisers for Argentina are Sally Goldsmith and Laura Monger.